How to treat blackcurrant juice stains

Most kids love their blackcurrant juice and of course, things could always get messy. You could save the day (or at least the clothes and the furniture) by acting fast and following a few simple tips.

When the stain is on their clothes:

Rinse the stain with cold water as soon as you can. Soak in water and detergent solution for a while and then wash with a soap or detergent, according to the garment label. Use a suitable stain removing product for persistent stains.

When the stain is on your carpet:

Promptly absorb as much of the blackcurrant juice from the carpet, using a sponge, cloth or kitchen paper. Apply carpet shampoo and rinse. Repeat if needed.

When the stain is on your upholstery:

Clean the stain with a sponge and some cold water, rinse and dry with a hair-dryer. If the stain remains, apply an appropriate stain remover.

In every case, always read the manufacturer instructions if there are any, before you do anything. Then proceed with a small test patch. If any doubt, consult a professional cleaner.