How to treat grease spots

Stains of olive oil, cream, grease, butter and all their derivatives are not easy to remove. Of course, there are always solutions to get rid of them but remember – they work at their best if you act immediately.

When the stain is on your clothes:

Apply soap or detergent on the spot and wash it with hot water, keeping in mind the instructions on the label garment. Repeat the process then wash as usual.

When the stain is on your carpet:

Use talcum powder on the stain – leave it to absorb the oil and then wash it with carpet shampoo. Rinse and dry.

When the stain is on your upholstery:

Remove the stain with the help of some talcum powder. Leave it until the oil is absorbed, afterwards run it over with the vacuum cleaner.

In every case, always read the manufacturer instructions if there are any, before you do anything. Then proceed with a small test patch. If any doubt, consult a professional cleaner.