How to treat ketchup stains

If you enjoy a fat juicy home-made burger every now and then, you already know that the more ingredients you put in and the better it tastes, the bigger stain hazard there is. Especially when it comes to ketchup.

When the stain is on your clothes:

If you stain your shirt per say, the best thing to do is to soak it immediately. Leave it for a while and wash it with the rest of your laundry.

When the stain is on your carpet:

Use a knife to carefully remove as much as possible. Apply water and soda solution, then rinse and finish with carpet shampoo.

When the stain is on your upholstery:

Remove the stain with a cold damp (not wet!) cloth or a sponge, rinse and dry. If needed, apply a suitable cleaning product.

In every case, always read the manufacturer instructions if there are any, before you do anything. Then proceed with a small test patch. If any doubt, consult a professional cleaner.